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John young, an army corporal finds himself on a deadly mission

John is used to working with the darkness, his whole life has been a blanket of darkness:

Awoken in a world that shouldn’t exist, John wonders the strange lands injured from an explosion on his mission.
And, he barely escaped death at the hands of his enemies.

John has no time to react to this strange new world he finds himself in, within moments he’s been attacked by a pack of angry wolves, John was never one to shy away from a fight.
When he awakes he wonders if he’s dead?

With only the company of the strange half-breed wolf who nursed him back to health, she doesn’t seem to like him, in fact he’d go as far as saying she despised him.

Bound and leashed he aimlessly follows her back to her kin to answer for his crime of killing her kin.
Things get real, really fast for John.

All John wants is to get back to earth but is torn between doing his duty as the chosen one or walking away back into the darkness…

Wicked Hex #1

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