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Win a signed copy of one of these amazing paranormal romance books by Lilura Sloane.

Let Lilura take you on an adventure full of magic, mystery and love.


Win a signed copy of a fantasy book of your choice.

Be within a chance of winning one of three books that are available for a limited time only..absoloutely free!!!

WICKED HEX: John young, an army corporal finds himself on a deadly mission

John is used to working with the darkness, his whole life has been a blanket of darkness:

Awoken in a world that shouldn’t exist, John wonders the strange lands injured from an explosion on his mission.
And, he barely escaped death at the hands of his enemies.

John has no time to react to this strange new world he finds himself in, within moments he’s been attacked by a pack of angry wolves, John was never one to shy away from a fight.
When he awakes he wonders if he’s dead?

With only the company of the strange half-breed wolf who nursed him back to health, she doesn’t seem to like him, in fact he’d go as far as saying she despised him.

Bound and leashed he aimlessly follows her back to her kin to answer for his crime of killing her kin.
Things get real, really fast for John.

All John wants is to get back to earth but is torn between doing his duty as the chosen one or walking away back into the darkness…

WINDS OF ETERNAL: Etienne finds a young human girl and after discovering that her whole family were murdered decides to take the girl under his wing.

Rose is special, Etienne just wants to protect her, but he’s concerned that she may need to be among her own kind.

Five years pass and Etienne lost track of time—Rose didn’t—she spent the last five years pining for Etienne and the only thing she has left of him is a gift fashioned from one of his fangs—a sword named winds of eternal.

When Etienne returns for Rose, she’s different, older, not the wilful child she once was, Etienne gives Rose a choice.

Will Etienne regret allowing Rose to choose and will he be able to let her go—even if that’s the right thing to do…

A paranormal vampire romance.


A pure-blooded vampire can only consort with his own kind

Draven hasn’t wanted a woman in centuries. He is the geek of the vampires—old, wise, and prefers the simple things in life. 

That is—until he meets Amber. 

Draven can’t understand how they can speak telepathically; he’s a vampire, she a werewolf, it should be impossible! 

What do you do when you find your mate, but the laws of the council forbid it?

Sometimes love is stronger than politics.

Beauty and the Vampire is the second book in the Fated Series. Draven will do anything to keep his mate, even go against everything he has believed in for centuries. Sometime love is the strongest bond of them all. A paranormal romance.

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