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A chance encounter between a mysterious neighbour and the shy girl next door could be the perfect element of excitement and danger - or a delicious disaster in the making - in Lilura Sloane's Wicked desires series...

I am the type of woman who plays it safe. In my personal life working at the publishing house - i like safe, i like control and i like comfort but i'm in my twenties and I've never been kissed-yes i know tragic! So I'm dipping my feet into the dating pool, so far I'm not impressed, i should just give it up as a bad job - that is until i meet - him.

Ryker Jones is as sexy as sin, and I've developed some weird obsession to him, from the moment i moved next door to my mysterious neighbour, which has led me to do the most impulsive thing I've ever done in my life. Maybe it was his hero act when he saved me from that slime ball who didn't take no for an answer, or maybe it was just him. I had my first kiss - but it wasn't just any kiss - it - was - a panty melting - leg shaking - rock my world kind of kiss.

Unfortunately, that moment of spontaneity would haunt me once i found out who the real Ryker Jones was. He'd kept his life secret for a reason. Oh no, i couldn't take a once - in - a - lifetime - jump without embroiling me in a world - i clearly didn't belong in. When i screwed up, it had to be colossal and it had to happen with the neighbour upstairs.

Goodbye sanity - hello madness.

Under her spell #1

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