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A heart wrenching, tortured hero romance, featuring a broken man in need of redemption and an innocent, lively heroine who sees through the madness.

He was lost when i found him...

Alex has been a friend of the family since before i was born, we've never really spent much time together, the odd email, the odd letter, the lavish gifts... that was until i was invited to go stay with him for four years while i attend university.

Penelope was a sweet thing, Alex's third marriage was falling apart- he knew why his wife stayed...the money, he was apathic over his situation, buried his head in work...that was until she showed up...

Penelope knew she must be crazy to fall for a man whose heart was broken.
It was risky- but it was a risk she was willing to take.

She knew it could end in her heartbreak but when you find something this precious in the dark, it's only natural to want to bring it out into the light....

The Nasty vacation #1

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