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The twisted tales series starts with something wicked

A tale you won’t be familiar with—or will you…

Twisted tales is a collection of tales of the much loved fairytales you grew up with as a child

Something Wicked will take you on an epic fantasy adventure

Something wicked is a fairytale for adults

Ryse is the runt of his family—not really much good for anything, he’s not strong like his brothers or hauntingly beautiful like his sisters—but he does have one thing going for him—magic!

Carver used to work with the light— or that’s what his friends thought when they joined his cause—until they found out Carver was working with Desire.

Desire is a powerful, dark priestess who will grant you any wish—there’s only one problem—the price is high!

Carver’s army has taken over the village and each year his men terrorise the village and take tax at the tithing—this year along with tax they took Ryse’s youngest sister, which angered Ryse.

Ryse’s anger grew and his magic grew out of control

Celeste the cleric who Ryse soon finds is a priestess who can wield magic, sends Ryse to her master where he can learn how to wield his magic properly at the tower of magic—which is a school for magic.

Will Ryse and his new magical friends be able to stop Carver before he takes over the lands and takes full control of the people—or will they have to succumb to the wicked ways of carver…

Lilura Sloane’s version of a Twisted tale of Snow White

Something wicked #1

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