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He never thought it would happen to him...

Dominic hates humans almost as much as he hates vampires—almost.

A strange vampire girl shows up, much to Dominic's annoyance, his alpha takes the vampire girl under his wing, he can't understand it—when the alpha steps down from the company he appoints Dominic to replace him with—humans—he doesn't like it but he would never challenge his alpha—still humans!

Sydney Sandilands is perfect for the position—he is over qualified and will be a great asset to the company, that is until Dominic gets there and realises that Sydney is not a man—but a woman—he can't work with a woman! Especially not a woman that looks like her—smells like her—his wolf wants her—he just wants to bed her, so why does the thought of marking her even pop into his head—.

He’s never met a woman like her before—he’s never chased anyone, but Sydney has crawled under his skin, she plays with his demons and lights them up....

A paranormal romance.

Falling for the wolf #1

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