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What is a daddy?

A daddy-dom is a concept that is wild!

Let me tell you why.

Women have a fantastical view of it and some men want to be it but can't quite live up to it.

Now let's broach women. Unfortunately, books like 50 shades of grey have given women an unhealthy view of what BDSM actually is. Sure, some people enter into the lifestyle to deal with unhealed trauma. It has been known to release the body of those chains that have bound you in the prison you've been kept in for years.

Many people seek out the lifestyle for different reasons but like with anything there are risks that come attached, no, I'm not talking sexual risks, we will get to that in another post (wink, wink,) unfortunately from a sexual aspect that is all some people are looking for and this risk leaves you open to disappointment.

I'm sure everyone by now has heard the term fake daddy.

What is a fake daddy though, you may ask.

Well, a fake daddy is a man who pretends he's dominant. Yes, you heard that right, pretends. These types usually just want the hard, rough aspects of sex in a controlled environment by a submissive who thinks she's getting a dominant but in actuality, she's just getting a night with a fraud.

Unfortunately, they can be devious in tricking you into thinking that they are the real deal. Especially if they hold narcissistic qualities, lucky for you there are some telltale signs of a fake daddy.

You've heard of red flags, right? Yeah, these fake daddies take no prisoners, they are walking, talking, bright red flashing neon flags.

List of red flags that you may encounter but not be limited to.

  • If it sounds to good too be true, it probably is.

  • If he says you don't need a safe word. Run. Fucking run. Don’t stop running.

  • If he ghosts you. Run, girl, run.

  • If he is hot and cold, he's trying to create a trauma bond. Run faster than flash, get the fuck out of there.

  • If he gives you sad stories to try to get you to feel something for him, hey, I get it we are getting to know each other but listing your poor me stories and acting like you've had trauma when in reality they're a walking fucking trauma, you know the drill. Run.

  • If your conversations are sex-based, here's a clue, that's all he wants. Run now and run fast.

  • If when your talking he lists his fantasy, that's what you are a fantasy, once he's had it he will move onto the next fantasy.

  • If he thinks rough sex is the lifestyle, he doesn't know shit.

  • If he doesn't talk about aftercare, he's not it.

  • If he is violent with you that is also not it

  • If he puts you down, calls you needy etc, that's a massive red flag

  • If he shows you he doesn't care, believe him and walk away.

If he's just looking for someone to fulfil his little boyish fantasies he's....


He's what I like to call a man-child.

If a man has to resort to these types of lies because he knows he couldn't get a woman who he may have a relationship with to do this type of sexual activity then honestly he's just a sad little boy playing roleplay.

He's not a daddy.

After all, having a sub and looking after one is so much more than a fun night!

If he's a walking red flag, he may be fun for awhile but he's definitely not a daddy

Now, BDSM is a popular movement but sadly there are a lot of fakes but if you take notice of the signs you'll know the difference between a real daddy and a fake one.

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