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Hunter is a professor at college, now I know you're probably sat there rolling your eyes and thinking--OH-MY-GOD not another student/professor trope, yes, yes I know there are millions of books out there in the same genre, so why did I also write it?

I'm of the belief that yes, maybe it has been written a million times over, however it has never been written by me, if we worried about recreating a genre that had already been written, well, nobody would ever write anything, like ever!

Hunter is not a rich professor, he's not lucky, gold and rainbows don't shoot out of his ass, everybody doesn't wish they were the mysterious professor, Hunter is down on his luck, taking this job is his last lifeline, he's got a complicated life, debts, he's stressed and let's be honest the poor guy can't catch a break, when Lexie Mcvay falls at his feet, his life is about to get even more complicated.

She's a risk, he will lose everything, when there is forbidden fruit in front of your face tempting you to take a bite...what do you do?

This is Hunter and Lexie's story, it's messy, but boy is HOT!

Can you handle the heat...

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