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A Ghostly Encounter

Most people don’t know this but I’m an empath, an empath is a person who can see, feel and sense energies around them, they are called sensitives because of this gift, they can also take on others energies and they need to cleanse daily, but more into that later, I’m also a psychic medium, from a young age I’ve been able to see, hear and speak to spirits, it’s not a gift I enjoy, most of the time it scares the shit out of me!

Im not going to sit here and tell you how wonderful it is because let’s be honest it’s fucking terrifying at times, I’ve seen some horrible things before—the worst part about it is, humans are so closed off to the existence of spirits that if they don’t see it, they think you’re crazy and then you’re just left alone because nobody believes what you see is real.

This Afternoon I awoke—I had stayed up until 7am writing Hunter, once again I had lost track of the time—that’s not unusual, I wrap my dressing gown around me because it’s winter and I‘m cold, walking out of my bedroom I pop my head into my sons room as I always do and he‘s sat there playing on the computer, he looks a bit pasty I think—maybe he’s coming down with something, he turns his head and he smiles at me—resembling something like the joker, it looks unnatural, it looks strange, I shake my head as I run down to the toilet, walking down the other flight of stairs my son who I’ve just seen is running up the stairs smiling with fresh folded clothes in his arms, “How did you get downstairs so fast?” I ask him, “I don’t know what you mean mum, I’ve been doing the dryer, see—clothes.” That’s when the panic sets in and I realise that thing I saw in my sons room wasn’t my son at all—it was something else.

I‘m never sure what it is I’ve seen, in fact I would research to go try make sense of what I’ve seen—maybe it has a name, maybe it has a purpose,this one is tricky, just like a trickster, it seems to like playing this prank of looking like someone I live with—this is not the first time I’ve seen it and I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last—it’s like a shapeshifter, it shifts into someone you know and when it’s seen you and you leave—well when you come back—it disappears, completely harmless, but not any less scary!

Do you have any ghostly encounters, let me know!


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